Clinic for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Frankfurt University Hospital

Clinic for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Frankfurt University Hospital

Our clinic is one of the most modern radiological clinics in Germany and is a central part of the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main. In accordance with the hospital's principle - "FROM KNOWLEDGE GETS HEALTH", our team treats all patients at the highest scientific level of modern radiology. High-end diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive procedures are used.

In accordance with our guidelines, research and teaching also play a particularly important role at our clinic. Since clinical diagnostics and interventional therapy as well as research and teaching are divided into different specialist centres and areas, we invite you to inform yourself about all areas of our clinic on these pages.

Big thank you!

Dear patients,
we, the radiology department at the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University Hospital, would like to say a big thank you.
Long distances, everyone wears a face mask and you are only allowed to walk through the clinic with an escort.
With these changes, you also show stamina and above all understanding in this nevertheless so difficult and confusing time.
Therefore, it is time to mention you too, and not just the clinic staff.
In this sense: Thank you for your patience!
Stay healthy!

Focus of the Clinic

Functional Areas

Gynäkologische radiologie

Gynaecological Radiology

Gynaecological radiology deals with diseases of the breast (senology). It is part of the Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology.

Pädiatrische Radiologie

Child and Adolescent Radiology

Special radiologists for the children! Children are not little adults. Imaging diagnostics is the central field of activity of our Pediatric and Adolescent Radiology.

Orthopädische Radiologie

Orthopaedic Radiology

Special conventional X-ray diagnostics, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging

News and research

Two highly committed students from Cardiff visited our Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Clinic and gained an insight into our daily work.

At this year's European Congress of Radiology (ECR), Leon David Grünewald, MD, won the award in the pediatric radiology category for his presentation, "MR Angiography Facilitates the Differentiation of Aneurysmal from Unicameral Bone Cysts." In their paper, Dr. Grünewald and his colleagues showed that the use of MRI angiography significantly improves diagnostic accuracy in differentiating cystic bone lesions in children. More accurate diagnoses can reduce burdens on young patients and their families by avoiding unnecessary surgeries to obtain material for histologic confirmation.

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Vogl wurde für seine herausragende Rezensionen für die Fachzeitschrift Radiology mit dem "Editors Recognition Award 2022 ausgezeichnet.

On November 22, 1963, U.S. President John F. Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas, Texas. Many conspiracy theories surround his assassination. An interdisciplinary team led by the University Hospital Frankfurt has analyzed the shooting of JFK by means of computer simulations and has come to a clear conclusion.

During the "Televascular International Games" which took place on 22.06.2022. Numerous international participants from all over the world took part in the planning competition. Dr. Mohamed Fouad was selected for his presentation "Fem-pop occlusion and CLI: endovascular therapy vs bypass. Planning competition" by a panel of endovascular experts from around the world.

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Vogl would be awarded the Focus Seal in the field of radiology for his outstanding work.

How do medical-technical radiology assistants work? Boys and girls found out at this year's "Girls' and Boys' Day" at our institute. An interesting article via Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

A collaboration between researchers from radiology and urology at Frankfurt University Hospital and Egyptian colleagues is leading to new insights into how therapies for prostate diseases can be optimized. For patients with prostate hyperplasia, interventions could soon be shorter and less burdensome on health.


Video Crime Scene Radiology: Murder on the banks of the Main with 'Sherlock Vogl'.



    Professor Thomas J. Vogl was presented with the Seal of the Year 2018 by Asmus Grebbin, Managing Director of PRIMO MEDICO. This makes Professor Vogl an official member of the network with more than one hundred medical specialists from different fields in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • Leading Medicine Guide Network
    Leading Medicine Guide Network

    Professor Vogl is an official member of the Leading Medicine Guide, the leading medical portal on the Internet.

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Make your examination appointment Monday through Friday between the hours of 07:30 and 17:00.

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Intervention Clinic

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Central Radiology

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Gynaecological radiology

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Paediatric radiology

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Orthopaedic radiology

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