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At this year's European Congress of Radiology (ECR), Leon David Grünewald, MD, won the award in the pediatric radiology category for his presentation, "MR Angiography Facilitates the Differentiation of Aneurysmal from Unicameral Bone Cysts." In their paper, Dr. Grünewald and his colleagues showed that the use of MRI angiography significantly improves diagnostic accuracy in differentiating cystic bone lesions in children. More accurate diagnoses can reduce burdens on young patients and their families by avoiding unnecessary surgeries to obtain material for histologic confirmation.

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Vogl was awarded the "Editors Recognition Award 2022" for his outstanding reviews for the journal Radiology.

Am 22. November 1963 wurde US-Präsident John F. Kennedy in Dallas/Texas erschossen. Um seine Ermordung ranken sich viele Verschwörungstheorien. Ein interdisziplinäres Team unter Leitung des Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt hat mittels Computersimulationen die Schüsse auf JFK analysiert und kommt dabei zu einem eindeutigen Ergebnis.

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Vogl would be awarded the Focus Seal in the field of radiology for his outstanding work.

How do medical-technical radiology assistants work? Boys and girls found out at this year's "Girls' and Boys' Day" at our institute. An interesting article via Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

A cooperation between researchers from radiology and urology at Frankfurt University Hospital and Egyptian colleagues is leading to new insights into how therapies for prostate diseases can be optimised. For patients with prostate hyperplasia, interventions could soon be shorter and less burdensome.


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