Clinic for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Frankfurt University Hospital

Information for Patients

Dear Patients,

In the following pages you find the informations to help you conveniently find your way to our Institute so that you can reach in time to get yourself prepared for the examination.

Diagnostic Radiology

We offer you a comprehensive spectrum of diagnostic radiology. You will find more detailed information on some of the examination modalities below.


Make your examination appointment Monday through Friday between the hours of 07:30 and 17:00.

Secretariat Prof. Thomas J. Vogl

 069 6301-7277

Intervention Clinic

 069 6301-4736

Central Radiology

 069 6301-87202

Gynaecological radiology

 069 6301-5174

Paediatric radiology

 069 6301-5248

Orthopaedic radiology

 069 6301-94211

069 6301-​87202