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The Kennedy assassination: forensic analysis of a historical event

Although committees of enquiry into the Kennedy assassination were set up in the USA in 1963 and 1976, most Americans still distrust the official reports on the death of the US president. Among the controversial details is the direction of the shot that led to the victim's fatal head injury.
A team of scientists, including Prof. Dr. Thomas Vogl's Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, used three-dimensional computer simulation to match Kennedy's skull fractures with the bullet casing material and different shot directions. The analysis, "Computational ballistic analysis of the cranial shot to John F. Kennedy", was published in the forensic journal Forensic Science International in May 2022. The researchers simulated the projectile impacts from four different directions: the direction given in the official reports and three other locations often named by conspiracy theorists. They then compared the results with the forensic and photographic evidence.
The simulations come to a clear conclusion: only the shooting direction scenario already mentioned in the official commission reports, namely that the fatal bullet was fired from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, coincides with the available evidence. The other three possible origins remain what they are: Fake News.

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John F. Kennedy one year before his death


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