Quality Management


The head of the Clinic for Radiology and Nuclearmedicine (Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Vogl) is striving to continuously improve the patient care, research and teaching in the field of diagnostic and interventional radiology and stay at par with the newest technology and standard. In view of this the Quality Management System (QM System) was established and a policy of quality developed.


The content of this policy is summerised in the following 10 points:

Patients are at the center of our work.
We want to provide high-quality patient care in a friendly atmosphere.
Quality targets are set in order to improve patient care.
The achievement of quality targets is regularly reviewed.
Quality policy affects all professional groups.
Special emphasis is placed on good inter-professional cooperation.
Every employee is responsible for the quality of their own work.
All employees actively participate in the process of continuous quality improvement.
All employees are regularly informed about the current status of QM measures.
Attention is paid to efficient and effective service provision.


Quality Management Manager Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Vogl

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QM representative Dr. med. Lajos Basten

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QM representative Heidrun Boller-Liedtke

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069 6301 -5252


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