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Dr. med. A. Thalhammer

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Sina Turnsek

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Angiography is the imaging of blood vessels using contrast-enhanced X-rays. The X-ray image shows the vessel interior (vessel lumen) filled with contrast medium. The image information shown is purified (subtracted) from overlays by bones and non-transparent organ structures. The images of the blood vessels, which are free of superimpositions due to digital image processing, can be evaluated diagnostically or used for therapeutic vascular intervention.

Examination and therapy spectrum:

  • Examinations of the entire vascular system, so-called catheter angiographies, e.g. pelvic leg, kidney, neck angiographies
  • Treatment of arterial circulatory disorders of the extremities (PAVK) using balloon catheters, excimer laser assisted angioplasty (ELA)
  • Performance of Oncological interventions


Device equipment:


Sie­mens Ar­tis Ze­e­go

Germany's first angiography system with robotics for vascular imaging
As one of the first institutes in Germany and a pioneer in Hesse, we used the industrial robot technology "Artis Zeego" for vascular imaging.

The robot technology makes it possible to move the intervention instruments with millimetre precision and thus painlessly in the blood vessels and vascular systems. Since the high spatial resolution approaches the quality of computer tomography images, the device is able to perform both computer tomography functions and angiography tasks in one.

Special robot for imaging vascular and tumour diseases

Sie­mens Ar­tis Phe­no1
Robot-based angiography system

The world's first imaging system, Artis Pheno, was installed at our institute. Thanks to this technology, patients with severe health limitations can be treated with new surgical methods from which they were previously excluded.

Ar­tis Phe­no1, Fir­ma Sie­mens

It is both extremely gentle and extremely flexible, thereby enabling patients with physical limitations to access minimally invasive surgical methods. In addition, the technology has up to four times improved imaging and a completely new system to avoid germ contamination.


Responsible senior physician
 Dr. med. A. Thalhammer

Team leader angiography
 Sina Turnsek

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