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Dr. med. R. Hammerstingl

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In order to be able to offer our patients the best possible treatment our institute has established co-operation with different centres in the whole of Germany. This Cooperation not only makes the best treatment for our patients possible but also brings about an exchange of professional experiences between the treating doctors.

Our Cooperation Partners are:


The specialists at the Centre for Intestinal Diseases work in close cooperation with radiologists which makes an integrated high quality service in interdisciplinary planning of diagnosis, therapy and assistance possible.




The specialists at the University Cancer Center (UCC) work in close cooperation with each other which makes it possible to bring about an integrated high quality service in interdisciplinary planning of diagnosis, therapy and assistance of tumour patients.Further information here...




Here you can find information about the organisation and its activities likewise latest news about diagnosis and therapy of breast diseases.
Weitere Informationen hier...

Our institute cooperates with the following medical practices and clinics:

Praxis für Hausärztliche Versorgung, Notfallmedizin
Dr. med. Dagmar Hofmann


The Zies is an interdisciplinary, nationally-working center for diagnosis and treatment of implantation consequential damage, inflammation and pain in the head and neck area.
here ... more information


Specialty Hospital for Internal Medicine - Interdisciplinary Center for Oncology
Leonardis Clinic




Private Clinic for Internal Medicine and Oncology
Dr. Ursula Jacob GmbH

Other cooperations


Berufsverband der Deutschen Radiologen e.V.


Practice for Plastic Surgery in Frankfurt
Praxis Dr. Berger


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Secretariat Prof. Thomas J. Vogl

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Intervention Clinic

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Central Radiology

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Gynaecological radiology

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Paediatric radiology

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Orthopaedic radiology

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