Support and Donation

How you can help...
Why help?
... for better healing chances and a better quality of life.

Through continuous scientific research and advancement we would like to develop new therapy methods to increase the healing chances and better quality of life of our patients.

The research for new treatment methods and its technical application require immense amount of resources. It is only with the support of private persons like you that it is possible for us to keep up to the high standards and to further improve our research and potential in future.

With your help we can further work on our endeavour to develop new therapy methods and technologies and to put them into practice.

No matter what the amount of your support/donation may be, it will be an important part of our future.

How you can support us...

Monetary donation: you could transfer the amount to our account mentioned below. Naturally you receive a certificate of donation from us for your tax declaration or tax returns.

Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

Donation Account
Account Nr. of University Hospital Frankfurt
379 999
Bank Code
500 502 01
Bank Name
Frankfurter Sparkasse
DE58 5005 0201 0000 0240 26
Account from Prof. Vogl

Please give your full address on your transfer notation so that we can send you the certificate of donation.

For further information or questions please contact:

Mrs. Scheffer-Lenk
Secretary to Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Vogl
Phone: 069/6301 7277
Fax: 069/6301 7259


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