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Our Institute has a Specialized Centres and Cooperates with the following Institutions:

Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (IDIR) - Centre for Radiology in Building 23 C (ZRAD) Clinic for Breat Imaging in Building 14 Paediatric Radiology in Building 32 C


Gy­na­e­co­lo­gy Ra­dio­lo­gy

Mammography, Ultrasonography, Galactography, Mammographic Marking of Breast Lesions/Tumors, Mammotomy-Vacuum-Bio ...

Pa­ed­ia­tric Ra­dio­lo­gy

Conventional Radiography, Ultrasound (Sonography) Kidney in the Bewborn Screening, Magnetic Resonance Imaging ( ...

Or­tho­pa­edic Ra­dio­lo­gy

Special Conventional Diagnostic Radiology, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at DKD HELIOS Clinic Wiesbaden

Cooperation between the DKD HELIOS Clinic Wiesbaden and our institute.