Pa­ed­ia­tric Ra­dio­lo­gy

Pa­ed­ia­tric Ra­dio­lo­gy

Dr. med. Sebastian Fischer

Responsible senior physician

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Karin Möller

Senior MTRA


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Special radiologists for the children


Range of services


This also includes all ultrasound Doppler examinations and functional ultrasound examinations.

For the examination it is important that the patient is not fasting. For the evaluation of the kidneys and the internal genitals in girls, it is essential that the urinary bladder is well filled.

The advantages with ultrasound are:

  • No radiation exposure
  • fast availability
  • usually sufficient and conclusive examination for many questions


X-ray diagnostics is still an important and indispensable imaging examination in childhood. Thanks to state-of-the-art digital solid-state detectors and imaging plates, radiation exposure is extremely low.

The advantages in X-ray diagnostics are:

  • indispensable for all bone diseases and accidents
  • Fluoroscopy in case of functional disorders or surgical diseases

Magnetic resonance imaging

We have a state-of-the-art MRI machine with a large tube opening, which makes the examination more comfortable for children. In addition to the complete spectrum of standard MRI procedures, it also enables special examination methods such as whole-body MRIs with short measurement times. In cooperation with the anesthesiology department, we also regularly perform MRI examinations under anesthesia. MRI examinations of the skull and spine are performed in cooperation with the Institute of Neuroradiology.

The advantages with magnetic resonance imaging are:

  • No radiation exposure, as no X-rays are used to generate images
  • Images can be repeated at any time and as often as required
  • Very precise, risk-free and painless examination that provides accurate diagnoses in the shortest possible time
  • High contrast between healthy tissue and pathological changes
  • Very good visualization of most vessels without invasive methods
  • Relatively short examination time due to modern equipment technology


Dr. med. Sebastian Fischer

Responsible senior physician pediatric radiology


069 6301-5248

Karin Möller

Senior MTRA


069 6301-5248

069 6301-83785


Make your examination appointment Monday through Friday between the hours of 07:30 and 17:00.

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