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Conventional X-Ray

DRX1, DirectView DR 7500, DirectView DR 9500, Siemens Axiom Vertix MD Trauma, Philips Optimus Bucky Diagnost, Digital Chest Workplace Thorax FD Siemens, Digital Fluoroscopy, PaX-Zenith 3D Orthopantomograph and Digital Volume Tomography, Bone Densitometry with Prodigy von GE Healthcare

Our institute is equipped with more than two highly modern multi-function-X-ray-machines with flat detectors, a routine x-ray machine and an emergency x-ray machine also with flat detector. For x-ray examinations of isolated likewise non-transportable patients in intensive units or peripheral wards we have four mobile x-ray machines. Besides the routine chest and skeletal x-rays, we also perform dental x-rays and special x-rays of the upper and lower jaw and digital orthopantomogram (panorama view) are regularly performed.
All the x-rays are digitally processed - our institute is completely digitalized.


1. Kabelloses Detektor-System Weltweit

Wireless Detector DRX1 in Cassette Format

Ko­dak Di­rect­View DR 7500

Complete Digital Bone X-Ray System

Ko­dak Di­rect­View DR 9500

The DR 9500 offers the Flexibility of a Dual-Detector System in a Single-Detector System

Sie­mens Axi­om Ver­tix MD Trau­ma

The C-Arm design of Axiom Vertix MD Trauma offers great flexibility in Trauma Radiology

Phi­lips Op­ti­mus Bu­cky Dia­gnost

Conventional Bone X-Ray Room

Digital Thoracic X-Ray FD Sie­mens

Complete Digital Thoracic Workplace Evaluation of Lung, Heart and Mediastinum

Digital Fluoroscopy

Universal Fluoroscopy Workplace "Axiom Artis MP" from Siemens

PaX-Ze­nith 3D Or­tho­pan­to­mo­graph und Di­gi­ta­ler Vo­lu­men­to­mo­graph

The PaX-Zenith 3D from Vatech generated Digital- Orthopantomograms, Cephalometric and Volume Tomography