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Siemens Magnetom ESPREE 1,5 Tesla

Presenting the Open High-Performance-MRI Espree

[Source: Siemens AG, 2005]

With the introduction of 1.5 Tesla-MRI with Open-Gantry "Magnetom Espree" from Siemens Medical System, the first of its kind in the whole world, we offer our patients the advantages of an open environment for the full spectrum of examinations. The Espree with its unique built offers the patients more free-space. The head of the patient stays outside the scanner in more than 60% of the examinations. This is hugely beneficial especially for patients with claustrophobia.

  • Compact magnet-length of 125 cm only
  • Gantry diameter of 70 cm
  • Strong magnetic field of 1.5 Tesla
  • TIM-technology (total imaging matrix)


Espree Untersuchung Schlangenfrau

The first examination of a contortionist in MRI worldwide [Source: Sat1 PLANETOPIA]

Technical Data:

Siemens AG
  Magnetom Espree Tim [76x32]
Magnetic Field Strength:
1,5 Tesla
45 mT/m (SQ-Engine)
Minimum activation speed:
  32 High Frequency Channels
  upto 76 seamlessly integrated Matrix-Coil-Elements
Magnet length:
125 cm
Internal diameter:
70 cm
40 cm
  Upto 205 cm seamless imaging


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