Diagnostics in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Tomography

Process and Preparation before an MRI Examination

Dear Patient,

Magnet resonance imaging allows one to produce cross-sectional images of human body without the use of radiation. Radiowaves produced within a spacious magnetic tube causes reactions within the body which is received as signal by coils placed on the examining region. These signals are converted into images by computer.
An MRI examination usually takes about 20 to 40 minutes. The patient is placed supine in a 60 cm broad (diameter) and 160 long tube. In cases of claustrophobic patients examination can be performed under mild sedation.
During the examination the patient hears loud banging-type of noise which is produced by activation of electromagnet (Radiofrequency) and unfortunately cannot be avoided. To dampen the noise the patients are provided with a head phone or ear plugs. It is very important that the patient lies still during the examination. Even minimal movements can lead to decrease in image quality. For examinations of the abdomen and thorax one receives breathing commands and must hold breath for short periods (10 to 20 seconds). Majority of examinations are performed with a special MRI-contrast medial (gadolinium) in order to better differentiate the soft tissues.
For the examination it is also important that the patient removes all metal elements from his/her body (e.g. spectacles, watch, jeweleries, hearing aids, tooth-implantations etc.). Also small zip or clip in brassiere can lead to disturbances in the image.
Important: if you have a cardiac pace maker you should not in any case enter the examination room!

What should I bring?

For the Implementation of an MRI Examination, you should bring current Laboratory Values that give us Information about your Kidney Function:

  • Creatinine
  • Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR)

These Values should not be older than 14 Days.

Magnetic Resonance Tomography


Sie­mens Ma­gne­tom Pris­ma Tim+Dot Sys­tem 3 Tes­la


Sie­mens Ma­gne­tom Avan­to fit (1,5 Tes­la)


Sie­mens Ma­gn­e­tum Es­pree (1,5 Tes­la)


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