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Alternatives to gadolinium

Our institute will conduct an innovative research project together with the Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry of the Goethe University. The research group has set itself the goal of developing a low side-effect alternative to conventional contrast media.
Up to now, substances containing gadolinium have often been used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to improve diagnostics. However, these are associated with health risks. In the coming years, therefore, the use of an advanced technique will be researched in Frankfurt. The research team intends to test specially prepared water molecules as a chemically inactive and thus harmless contrast agent.
The project is being funded by the DFG with 300,00 euros over a period of two years in an initial funding phase.

The further development of the very complex technical method is carried out by the working group of Prof. Prisner, which is a leader in the research of paramagnetic electron resonances. Under the leadership of Prof. Vogl, our institute has already carried out numerous successful research projects for the further development of diagnostic and interventional MRI methods. Within the framework of this project, Prof. Vogl's research group will focus in particular on research into possible applications in vascular imaging and organ perfusion.


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