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At our institute offers as one of the first German-speaking medical centers the treatment with the ultrasound guided HAIFU system. The specific feature of this device is the possibility of the treatment of evil tumors, e.g. of the upper abdomen organs.
The application of the HAIFU treatment with a huge number of illnesses was picked out as a central theme during the last years and achieved with the treatment of goodnatured and evil tumor illnesses good results.

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In order to guarantee the best possible HIFU treatment completed our radiologists several weeks , certified training in Chongqing.

Possible fields of application are, for example :

1. Pancreatic cancer (pancreatic tumours)
2. Liver tumours
3. Uterine fibroids
4. Adenomyosis of the uterus
5. Bone tumours
6. Fibroadenomas of the breast
7. Breast cancer
8. Kidney tumours

Whether a HAIFU treatment is suitable for you depends on several factors.

Therefore, we need advance information:

    • which relates to the respective tumor medical history
    • e.g. Size of the tumors
    • Spread of the tumor or the extent to which this has possibly scattered
    • tumor marker
    • what medications you take
    • imaging techniques, e.g. Scintigraphy, ultrasound, MRI, CT

      If you think that such a HIFU treatment is best for you consideration , please send us copies of current documents, in particular a CD or DVD of recent studies, for example, of CT scans (CT), magnetic resonance imaging / magnetic resonance tomography (MRT). Before our doctors come into personal contact with them, you can thereby get a first idea of their disease. Tell this to address, telephone number and e -mail address .

      Please send the documents to the following address:

      Frau Karin Neddermann

      Telefon: 069 6301-4736
      Telefax: 069 6301-7258
      E-Mail: karin.neddermann@kgu.de

      Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt
      Institut für Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie
      Haus 23C Untergeschoss
      Theodor-Sternn-Kai 7
      60590 Frankfurt am Main


HIFU-Therapy for liver cancer

Very careful minimally invasive treatment of liver cancer.

HIFU-Therapy for Myomas & Adenomyosis

Very careful mi­ni­mal­ly in­va­si­ve tre­at­ment of Myomas & Adenomyosis.