Gy­na­e­co­lo­gy Ra­dio­lo­gy

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Breast (MR-Mammography)

X-ray Free Tomographic Techniques of the Breast

The contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of the breast is the most sensible complementary examination to mammography. MR-mammography allows visualisation of all soft tissue and vascular changes.

When should one perform an MRI examination of the breast?

MR-mammography should be performed in the first half of menstrual cycle because there is often false (physiological) enhancement of the breast tissue in the second half of menstrual cycle.

  • After breast saving operation: to differentiate between scar tissue, tumor recurrence or second tumor.
  • After breast implantations (silicon): to evaluate suspected mammography findings or to rule out prosthesis defects such as leakages.
  • Before the performance of breast saving operation: to rule out multiple tumor nodules or lesions in the same and contralateral breast especially when the breast tissue cannot be adequately examined in mammography and sonography.
  • In cases of pathological lymph nodes: to search for a tumor in the breast when the mammography and sonography findings are negative.

Does one need to prepare oneself for the examination?

No special preparation is required.
Please bring along with you your previous images and reportings to the examination. The comparison with previous images and reportings is important and helps in making proper and accurate diagnosis.


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